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Titre Prix
1924 - 1984. Prestel Verlag. Verlagsgeschichte und Bibliographie Auteur: STRESOW, Gustav (Redaktion) € 10,00
1814-1989, 175 jaar Provinciaal Bestuur van Noord-Brabant Auteur: MARGRY, P. (redactie) € 5,00
1666 - Pest, hellevuur & de Engels-Nederlandse oorlogen Auteur: Rideal, Rebecca € 12,50
31 / Punt Eenendertig. Een geruchtmakende Dordtse galerie voor moderne kunst 1957-1962 Auteur: VOORSTEEGH, Ineke € 18,00
1948 - Währungsreform Vierzig Jahre danach in Kleve - Kalkar - Bedburg-Hau - Kranenburg - Uedem Auteur: PUYN, A. / THEISSEN, P. € 15,00
A Book Addict's Treasury Auteur: Murphy, Lynda / Rugg, Julie € 9,00
A book of Mosses. With 16 plates from Johannes Hedwig's Descriptio Muscorum Auteur: RICHARDS, Paul € 10,00
A brief history of underwear. Unmentionables. Auteur: BENSON, Elaine / ESTEN, John € 15,00
A catalogue of Early Colour Printing from Chiaroscuro to Aquatint. Auteur: AA € 75,00
A Catalogue of the Works of Ralph Vaughan Williams Auteur: KENNEDY, Michael € 65,00
A change of expression. Working with the emotions Auteur: Shamar Rinpoche / Lama Gendun Rinpoche - translated from the Tibetan by Anila Rinchen Palmo € 25,00
A Check List of British Insects. Part 5: Diptera and Siphonaptera. Auteur: KLOET, G.S. / HINCKS, W.D. € 9,00
A Collection of Basic Instructions. Help Is on the Way (Signed and with dedication by Scott - With extra 'congratulations on your purchase' leaflet) Auteur: MEYER, Scott € 25,00
A Collection of Nursery Rhymes. Being a mighty fine collection of the most noble, memorable and veracious nursery rhymes. Auteur: AA € 15,00
A Collection of Upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and Other Immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727 to 1776... + Namensregister zu J. (sic) Daniel Rupp's,,Chronologisch geordneter Sammlung von mehr als 30 000 Namen... Auteur: RUPP, I, € 50,00
A Companion to Medical Studies. Volume 1 and 2 Auteur: PASSMORE, R. / ROBSON, J. € 40,00
A Companion to the Philosophy of Mind Auteur: GUTTENPLAN, Samuel (edited by) € 20,00
A completely revised and updated edition of the classic Australian ornithological work 'What Bird is that?' Auteur: CAYLEY, Neville W. / LINDSEY, Terence R. (revised by) € 40,00
A Course of Water-Colour Painting. With Twenty-Four Coloured Plates. Auteur: LEITCH, R.P. € 25,00
A Criminal History of Mankind. Auteur: WILSON, Colin € 30,00
A Daily Prayer for Printers. Dagelijks gebed voor drukkers. Auteur: N/A € 7,50
A Day In The Life Of Hollywood Auteur: AA € 18,00
A Dream of John Ball. A King's Lesson Auteur: MORRIS, William € 7,00
A Field Guide to Beetles of North America. Auteur: WHITE, Richard E. € 15,00
A Gathering of Gardner: Time Travel and Other Mathematical Bewilderments - Penrose Tiles to Trapdoor Ciphers and the Return of Dr. Matrix - Knotted Doughnuts and other Mathematical Entertainments Auteur: Gardner, Martin € 30,00
A grammar of Iraqw (Cushitic Language Studies 9) Auteur: MOUS, Maarten € 30,00
A Grip On Thin Air Auteur: GRIFFITHS, Jane € 9,00
A Guide to Spiders and their Kin Auteur: Levi, Herbert Walter / Levi, Lorna R. € 5,00
A History of Fashion Auteur: ANDERSON BLACK, J. / GARLAND, Madge € 15,00
A History of Illuminated Manuscripts Auteur: HAMEL, Christopher de € 35,00
A History of Private life. Volume II: Revelations of the Medieval World Auteur: DUBY, Georges (editor) € 10,00
A Journey To Lake Mansarovara Auteur: MOORCROFT, William € 10,00
A Key to Adult Males of British Chironomidae (Diptera), the non-biting midges. Volume 1, The key ; Volume 2, Illustrations of the Hypopygia (Figures 77-189) Auteur: PINDER, L. C. V. € 20,00
A key to the British freshwater cyclopid an calanoid copepods Auteur: HARDING, J. / SMITH, W. € 7,00
A Key to the British Species of Corixidae (Hemiptera-Heteroptera) with notes on their Distribution Auteur: MACAN, T. € 8,00
A key to the British species of freshwater triclads (Turbellaria, Paludicola) Auteur: REYNOLDSON, T. € 7,00
A Key to the Families of British Beetles Auteur: UNWIN, D. € 7,50
A Key to the Nymphs of British of Ephemeroptera with notes on their Ecology Auteur: MACAN, T. € 7,00
A la decouverte de l'Asie avec les Missions etrangeres Auteur: GRASDORFF, Gilles Van € 14,00
A la recherche du Grand Lama Auteur: CLAVERDON WOOD, J. € 10,00
A la Recherche du Quinzieme Dalai-Lama Auteur: GRASSDORFF, Gilles Van € 8,00
A la rencontre d' Adam. L' intégralité de ses Estampes et de ses Médailles parmi d' autres oeuvres. Exposition Novembre 1968 - Février 1969 Auteur: N/A € 15,00
A letter from His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche adressed to Ogyen Kunzang Chöling, for the benefit of all beings (text in french and English) Auteur: DUDJOM RINPOCHE € 15,00
A Life in Illustration. The Most Famous Illustrators and Their Work Auteur: Sinofzik, Anna € 10,00
A Midsummernight's Dream. With Illustrations by Arthur Rackham. Auteur: SHAKESPEARE, William € 195,00
A Monster Calls Auteur: NESS, Patrick € 10,00
A Palavra dos Dalai Lamas Auteur: GRASDORFF, Gilles van (textos escolhidos e apresentados por) € 20,00
A Practical Bengali Grammar Auteur: MILNE, W.S. € 30,00
A Primer of Biology and Nature Study Auteur: MUNDY, Randal € 20,00
A primitive Text of the Diatessaron. The Liège manuscript of a mediaeval Dutch Translation, a preliminary study, with an introdutionary note by J. Rendel Harris Auteur: PLOOIJ, D. € 10,00